Educational JavaScript Project 5th Sprint Change

Alex Korzhikov
1 min readSep 5, 2019

A 5th sprint change for the educational JavaScript project will happen this Sunday, 8th of September, 1pm CET. The planned agenda for the meeting would be:

  • Introduce the Educational JavaScript Note Project
  • The architectural overview
  • Workshop preparations

Of course like in the previous sprint change (be careful, it’s in Russian 😂), we also shall go through the agenda:

Previous sprint change meeting notes can be found here.

Abstract Art on JavaScript Frameworks

Which in the best scenario takes around 1 hour.

  • Are you looking for experience in JavaScript?
  • Do you want to participate in the open-source project, developed step by step in Agile methodology?
  • Do you enjoy experimenting with cool things and want to have fun writing code for the community?

Then the project is for you! We’ve just started, join us on github, youtube or medium! Technology stack includes JavaScript, TypeScript, Node, oclif, Git, Web Components, Markdown, and many more.

We will appreciate any feedback, suggestions, help, claps, and reposts.

Thanks for your time and have a nice coding!



Alex Korzhikov

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