Introducing PizzaScript — Educational Go Open Source Project

  • Together with my good friend Igor Smirnov we’ve decided to organize a Programming and Data Science activity to share our findings and craft our skills
  • We stay with an idea of conducting open webinars and creating materials for developers
  • I’m interested in learning Golang language myself and experimenting with WebAssembly
  • I was deeply inspired by the “Writing An Interpreter In Go” book by Thorsten Ball, and not only. There are plenty of interesting resources that I’d like to share with you during the meetups we willing to have
  • I still love TypeScript and JavaScript. In fact, the main idea for my new project is to create a JavaScript-alike language.

Hello PizzaScript!

Vitalii Chernopyskyi @v_uk_europe —
  • Learn Go language, including key libraries like RxGo
  • Deeply experiment with WebAssembly
  • Understand how programming languages & interpreters work
  • Learn the Go language together with syntax and concepts
  • Uncover popular libraries like RxGo
  • Overview WebAssembly, as it would be the PizzaScript compilation target
  • Do you want to learn and have experience with Go and WebAssembly?
  • Do you want to participate in the open-source project, developed step by step in Agile methodology?
  • Do you enjoy experimenting with cool things and want to have fun writing code for the community?




Software engineer, instructor, mentor, and author of technical materials #JavaScript

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Alex Korzhikov

Alex Korzhikov

Software engineer, instructor, mentor, and author of technical materials #JavaScript

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